A brochure is a paperback publication of up to 48 pages. It is extremely popular and widespread in companies, events and presentations. It could take the form of:

  • Promotional company brochures with essential information
  • Promotional shopping centre brochures highlighting ongoing sales offers
  • Informational publications and instructions
  • Event, conference and other programmes.

Depending on the selected printing method, paper, binding method and design, brochures could be both cost-efficient and inexpensive way of advertising and reputable, solid material representing a company.

Brochures are available in A5, 17x24m or A4 size. The following binding methods are normally used:

  • Binding with staples
  • Eyelet binding
  • Coiled binding
  • Binding with rivets
  • Glued binding.

Different paper ant print combinations, a wide range of colours and binding methods may be used for brochures. Therefore, layout design offers a variety of different choices.

Our designers will assist in making the right choice and create a desired brochure design layout according to your needs and budget.



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