Spiral binding

We bind various documents with a plastic or metal spiral. Print height when binding with a metal spiral is up to 25.4 mm, and up to 45 mm when binding with a plastic spiral. Usually plastic spiral binding is used for various provisional documents, such as instructions, drawings, different types of financial reports, student research publications (excluding final thesis), copied material (usually books), etc.

Plastic spiral binding is used for documents not exceeding 450 pages. Metal spirals are used for thinner prints, e.g. calendars, restaurant menus, representational company material and other. Documents bound with a metal spiral serve longer.

One of the biggest advantages of modern plastic spiral binding is that documents can be re-bound when removing or adding new pages. Meanwhile it is easier to turn over the pages of a publication bound with a metal spiral. In spiral binding you can choose transparent covers and different colours of spines.


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