A flyer received on the street, distributed to a proper audience together with daily press or appearing in your mailbox is one of the cheapest and effective ways of advertising. Effectiveness is mostly determined by the correct approach to the respective audience, but the appearance of the flyer itself also plays an important role.

Flyers are often smaller in format, most often small pages of A6 size with essential information about products, services and sales offers. It does not need to be a leaf of paper in the shape of a square. Shape and colour are important elements determining interest in the flyer and its content. Therefore, depending on company activities, they can take different kinds of elaborate forms (e.g. a leaf, a heart, a computer, a telephone, or else).

Flyers can be single-sided, double-sided, printed in one or more colours. The paper normally used is that of 90 – 250 g.

Do you need flyer design? Our design specialists will create a flyer or the entire promotional print package according to your needs and budget.


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