What gives a smarter look: an invoice printed in black and white on a white sheet of paper, or an invoice printed on a special coloured letterhead? Many would say that the second option is way smarter.

Invoices and letterheads are an important part of a company’s corporate style. Invoices printed on an invoice template especially prepared and printed in a publishing house make a better impression than those printed on a simple white sheet of paper.

An invoice contains essential information about the company:

  • Company name
  • Company code and VAT code
  • Address
  • Bank account information
  • Company logo and slogan.

Invoices are printed on A4 size paper in black and white or colour. Combinations of one, two or three colours on white 80-120 g paper, perfectly suited for laser and ink printers used in business, are normally preferred. You can also choose special paper (with watermarks, coloured, etc.). Invoices are single-sided and can be printed with serial numbers.

Our designers will create your own corporate style according to your needs and budget.


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