Letterheads form an important part of a company‘s corporate style. Documents printed on letterheads make better impression, compared to those printed on blank paper. The sight of a letterhead immediately distinguishes the company from the grey mass, carefully selected fonts and colours give away the company‘s identity, whether it is a reputable law firm or an advertising agency linking artistic souls.

Different documents can be printed on a ready-made letterhead according to company‘s needs, such as:

  • Invoices
  • Commercial offers
  • Correspondence
  • Certificates
  • Letters of acknowledgement, etc.

Letterheads are printed on A4 size paper in colour or black and white. Usually one-, two- or three-colour print is chosen. Letterheads are prepared on 80-120 g paper perfectly suited for laser and ink printers used in business. Special paper (with watermarks, coloured, etc.) is also available.

Our designers will also create your letterheads or even your entire corporate style according to your needs and budget.


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