Offset printing

Offset printing is one of the most popular printing methods, especially when printing in large quantities. Main advantages of offset printing:

  • When printing in large quantities the price per unit decreases
  • Very high quality, CMYK colour method allows obtaining the entire colour palette.

In offset printing, the preparation process is very important: design layout, colour separation, preparation of printing machines. However, proper preparation results in high-quality product. Offset printing is best suited for large quantities, as the larger the quantity, the total cost is then compensated by higher amount and the unit price decreases. It is a very important advantage: small price does not affect high quality.

Offset printing can be used for printing different products: from ordinary monochrome flyers to representative publications, different types of glued, fastened or sewed catalogues, books, albums, magazines, brochures, leaflets, letterheads, carbonless paper forms, invoices, envelopes, pamphlets, etc.

We offer all post-printing works, such as creasing, perforating, numbering, hole-punching, cutting and many more.

All printing is done with special, high-quality printing machines Shinohara 75 controlled by professional and experienced specialists, allowing print publications to meet the highest polygraphic standards.



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