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You think that business cards are a relict and contact information shown in the internet has replaced them? That is definitely not true! Although much more information can be found on the internet than on a business card, any serious business meeting is inconceivable without a business card. It helps remembering the names of the people you are interacting with, reminds you of the people you have met, you receive their contact information that is normally not made public. When handing in a business card you are also performing an important business acquaintance ritual, you introduce yourself and prevent yourself from being forgotten. A business card is an important part of your style, education and status.

It is our job to design a layout and print professionally-looking quality business cards:

  • Digital printing of business cards
  • Offset printing of business cards


You may choose between the Lithuanian business card format (90 x 50 mm) and the European one (85 x 55 mm). Single or double-sided printing, unconventional paper, rounded edges and other solutions are available, making your business card unique.

Entrust the production of your and your company employee business cards to our specialists and you will not have to worry about a thing.



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