A pamphlet is a print on a single sheet of paper folded in half. Pamphlets are one of the most popular methods for advertising. They can be distributed with the press, prepare a presentational pamphlet about a company, its services or products, to be used in promotional stands in exhibitions; e-shops add them to their products – all of which ensures a permanent connection with the customer. There are many different ways of using a pamphlet, and it is only important to have a quality one.

Pamphlets are often confused with leaflets. The main difference between them is that a pamphlet is folded in half, like a two-page book, and a leaflet is folded in thirds or more. Colloquially speaking, any object folded in half can be called a leaflet. There are more differences determining leaflet and pamphlet printing options or limitations, and our managers will help you understand them.

A wide range of choices is available for printing a pamphlet. Normally, A3 or A4 size paper is preferred. There is a wide selection of paper and laminating choices; one, two or three colour printing, photos, illustrations, etc.

As any other material representing a company, a pamphlet creates company image. That is why its layout design, preparation and printing must comply with the highest standards. Using our own digital printing technique we can also speedily print large editions, thus enabling to obtain quality pamphlets in a short amount of time.


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