Texts are an important part of all publications and have to meet three basic principles:

  • The style is adapted to the audience of the publication
  • It is written in a clear and understandable language
  • It is grammatically and stylistically correct.

In order for the texts to best serve their purpose, a language specialist is often required to review the texts, make the necessary editing and optimise the text so that it complies with the abovementioned principles, by avoiding any ambiguities and ensuring the clarity and accuracy of the text.

Trust your print texts to our editors’ team and we will make sure about meticulous and orderly printing of your texts by avoiding any grammatical or stylistic mistakes.


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    Gintarė Lapėnaitė
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    Renata Jakeliūnienė

    Renata Jakeliūnienė
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    Norminių leidinių užsakymai (buvusi “Rekona”)

    Danguolė Garlaitė
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