Even though calendars are associated with the New Year, the beginning of the year, but should a calendar at all times begin on 1 January? A calendar can start at a company‘s date of establishment, the beginning of a season or someone‘s birthday. It is a perfect gift or a way to create a company‘s image for business and also a lovely personal present for a friend. Use your imagination, create a vision for your calendar and our designers will help you put the most interesting projects into practice.

Possible types of calendars:

  • Spiral calendars with a hanger hook
  • Three-spiral calendars with a hanger hook
  • Desk calendars
  • Calendar notebooks
  • Printed on textile.

Calendars are used to mark all public and national holidays as well as dates important for a company or a person.

Want to be exceptional? We can print your calendar on textile. Textile calendars of different sizes will decorate your company‘s premises or serve as a nice gift to partners.


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