A good catalogue is the one you can confuse with a magazine. A customer is attracted to its content, but also to its form, style and colours, all of that making a wish to buy the products or services shown in the catalogue. A promotional catalogue is the face of a company, therefore it has to be prepared professionally and as normally it is printed in large editions, the selected materials need to be cost-effective.

Our designers will help you understand the subtleties of creating catalogues and will design a layout of a preferred promotional catalogue. We will offer advice and suggest putting the main emphases, offer the materials and prints to choose, so that the catalogue truly reflects the company’s style and urge the interest of a buyer. Our printing equipment allows us to quickly produce quality catalogue prints in both small and large quantities.

  • Catalogue of any size is available, but the standard sizes of A6, A5 and A4 are the most popular ones
  • Catalogues can either have a glued or bound covers
  • For finishing, catalogues can be covered with varnish, be laminated or embossed
  • Single-sided printing is normally used for covers, and duplex printing is chosen for inner pages.

Are you looking for a smarter option to present your products or services? You can choose a book format.



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