Print design is an important step, making an idea become a printed reality. Clearly, the success of a business depends on the presentation of the publication, the selection of colours and style. Therefore, whether creating a leaflet design or working with large format books, our team of professional and creative designers will produce any print design that will not only visualise your idea, but also result in attractive, contemporary print product design, reflecting the objective you are aimed at.

We offer the following print design services:

  • Creating corporate style
  • Logo creation
  • Creation of visual and graphic material
  • Publication design

We know how to create a design that would not only look good on the computer screen or in draft. Knowing all the printing qualities, we look forward and create to be able to feel satisfied about any of our future publications.


  • (8 5) 276 0709
    (8 5) 277 3505


    Gintarė Lapėnaitė
    Projektų vadovė
    Mob. 8 682 67 040
    El. p.

    Renata Jakeliūnienė

    Renata Jakeliūnienė
    Mob. 8 610 47 974
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    Norminių leidinių užsakymai (buvusi “Rekona”)

    Danguolė Garlaitė
    Tel. (8 5) 265 2630
    Mob. 8 686 07 802
    El. p.


    Tel. (8 5) 277 3505
    El. p.

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